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FAKTR, pronounced “factor”, stands for Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehab and is actually a concept, not a technique. This concept uses manual and IASTM techniques to locate and remove myofascial adhesions and restrictions and is combined with rehabilitation exercises to strengthen the tissues while the restrictions are being removed.


Increasing Range of Motion

Gavilan tooling in motion while client is in triangle pose. Treating the sideline fascia on stretch mobilizes tissues for better range of motion.

Treating the Neck

ART of the scalense while using light therapy to treat sore neck muscles. This FAKTR technique releases tight muscles, trigger points and increases range of motion.


Improving Knee Function

Treating the vastus medialis and the meniscus for smoother knee function.

Shoulder Stability 

Applying KT tape (blue tape) to turn on the infraspinatus, and the stronger dynamic tape (tan tape) to turn off the overactive trapezius.

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