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AISTM- Tecnica Gavilan / Graston

Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) involves the use of specifically designed tools, typically made of stainless steel, that enable the practitioner to efficiently locate and treat soft-tissue dysfunction. The use of these tools enables the practitioner to create a controlled inflammatory process, which will allow the tissue to begin the healing process, breaking down the scar tissue/adhesions in the troubled area, and accelerate the recovery process.


Treating Shoulder and Neck

Using the Gavilan wing tool to break down adhesions on the levator scapular.

Treating Trapezius Muscles

Tooling the upper trapezius helps release tension while increasing range of motion and circulation.


Treating Knee Pain

Using the Graston handlebar tool with the knee flexed to treat tight quads and relieve knee pain.

Treating the Quadricep Muscles

Using the handlebar tool on the quads in a passive position to reach the deeper fibers and the Vastus Intermedius. Relieves knee and hip pain.

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